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”Your security in your POCKET”

About Us:

ZenTraac is a group of engineers having experienced the many common and uncommon ups and downs of lives involving safety and security of themselves, their families and belongings, and also the properties and installations – commercial or otherwise. Encouraged by the potential the advancements in the electronic security systems, which are expected to be combined with & enhanced by ‘AI’ in the very near future, ZEC (EAS brand of ZenTraac) finds an opportunity to serve the society. Many manufacturers, suppliers and traders exist in the market place but ZEC found a huge vacuum and upsetting gap in the quality of services, key to any security system, being offered to the customers. Keeping SERVICE at its core, ZEC has within a very short span of time emerged as a very humble brand offering a 360 degree ELECTRONIC SECURITY solution through its own committed engineers and technicians spread across entire Eastern India, Bhutan and Nepal. It caters to the entire range of security solution requirements for individuals and their articles and/or commercial installations.

Command Your Security


ZEC wants to bring safety and security of all your belongings completely under your control, in the most natural way, at the price of a bottled water !

Our services

Service offer by ZEC


Site study & proposal formulation with multiple options


Complete solution - supply, installation, training & maintenance


Product performance Guarantee / Warranty up to 5 years

Latest Updates

Expansion into Advanced Systems with less than 50% cost

One Click Service

Provide online one click service for resolving all defects.


Integration with client's Business Management at least cost.


We deal with quality products to ensure ‘ YOU ARE SAFE’

Our Secureable Area

Hotel,  Resort, College, Industry, Shopping Mall, Shop, Home, Restaurant, Park, Bus Station, Construction Sites (Roads, Rivers, Hills, Houses/ building), Playground, Railway Platform, Anti Theft System-EAS

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